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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2010|10:46 pm]

Dear people for whom I leave postcards lying around the internet living room,

I just spent some many odd minutes trying to disconnect livejournal from facebook. I had earlier connected the two (meaning that anything I posted to livejournal was x-posted to facebook simultaneously as a note) in an attempt to become more efficient on the internet (that being a keen interest of mine, I think because I consider it to the closest thing to being a wizard/hacker). Anyways, turns out, according to my settings, it wasn't connected in the first place.

However, in between attempting to disconnect it and discovering that it was already disconnected, I discovered the following:

- facebook's settings have become incredibly fucking complex. This is especially true when you when you get into the kinds of "privileges" different applications have, even just the basic ones have wacky settings, never mind the ability of half-a-dozen or so applications that can share information back and forth (google, i.e. gmail, is thankfully resistant to this purulent strain of internet connectivity it seems).

- My facebook and lj accounts were damn-so linked! I checked out my fb notes and it contains many posts originating from livejournal. What the hell? I mean, I guess maybe they somehow were unlinked without me realizing, but that's the kind of setting you'd likely have to go and alter manually. Plus, that just seems like something I would remember doing, dammit! Anyway, this post is going to act as a sort of test. I guess I could just type TEST or ASDHHGRH and then send it to see what happens, but I had been meaning to write anyway.

Also, the reason I had decided to disconnect the two is because, well: facebook has become quite lame. Perhaps, even SUPER LAME. I guess I'm still pro-fb, even if it is beginning to resemble a filthy leering old man in a dark corner, and I took those annoying game apps/assorted WTFery in stride by manually disabling each one (I also have all ads turned off through a simple firefox add-on, if you don't know about that shit you need to get hooked up) so that it would no longer show up. Yet, somehow, the cascade of shit that coats the underbelly of the internet is beginning to get through my previously meticulous defense-boosting account setting changes. I think this has happened because I just can't be bothered; and, not because I don't have the time to alter a few things now and then, but it seems like the amount of stuff I am beginning to have to change to make "the experience mine" is becoming burdensome.

Why don't I just stop using it then, I wonder? Life was totally ok before facebook and it reasons it'd be the same without it again, but I feel already that it might not be. I really have begun to use fb as the portal for my social information - so much so that I'm apparently willing to put up with inadvertently spending approx. 20 minutes of each day scrolling through worthless bits of information ephemera claiming to be my home (.php) just to know what my peeps are up to.

In short, I am caught in its evil web of wall post lies and friend suggestion manipulation; and, yet, I will continue to fight for as long as I can (hence, the de-linking of fb and lj, AKA future underground resistance).

However, friends, if you ever see me attempting to coerce you into a mafia war or farming venture you will know that I have succumbed wholly to its dripping corruption. If that does happen, I won't hold it against you if you wish to "Hide" *LEFT CLICK*, "Hide Matthew" *LEFT CLICK* me.

I know I'd do the same to you.

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Movie Reviews In a Nutshell: 2012 [Jan. 21st, 2010|11:18 am]
I never thought I'd say this, but, yeah, 2012 was a pretty darn good movie if: a) you would be entertained by amazing and hilarious digital effects that depict the world collapsing unto itself; b) think Billionaire Russians are jerks; c)long for the kind of gags and aesthetic found in late 1980's/early 1990's action/comedy films; or, d) want to see Woody Harrelson eat pickles AND get destroyed by a gigantic flaming ball of hot earth (while winking at the camera the whole time).
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I know this will sound crazy [Dec. 2nd, 2009|08:33 pm]
I'm pretty sure that Al-Qaeda isn't a threat anymore. I'm pretty sure there is no way that the "Afganistan-mission" can ever be "won" (what does "nation-building" entail exactly? WTF!). And, finally, I'm pretty sure Barack Obama has totally pussed out on his supposed election mandate.

For Shame, Sir, For Shame.
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Why Facebook Is Cool [Nov. 21st, 2009|10:17 am]
I could never maintain a photo album, which, when looked over, leads one to say: "Ah. Life is full".

So, y'know, thanks facebook.
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Dear World [Oct. 26th, 2009|08:45 am]
Just started playing MGS4, the time was right.

The game is so good I would actually contemplate getting a PSP just to play MGS: Peace Walker, cuz' you know it would be a good time.

I think I killed too many people though (too many being even one), but given Snake's condition I just couldn't help from giving in and popping a few caps using my custom M4 or PS90. I started out in full stealth/non-lethal mode, but when I realized just how easy it was to get though some parts of the game by killing I found myself saying "Snake is TOO OLD for this shit!"(shit being sneaking around on all fours and getting STRESSED OUT and hurting his old man body). Every time he hits his back because it's sore I wince and feel terrible for making OLD SNAKE go though all this.

But, from now on, it's time to MAN UP, SNAKE OUT and do the right thing by not killing anymore; it helps that I got the anesthetic rounds sniper rifle.
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If songs were tag-teams.... [Oct. 2nd, 2009|10:27 am]
[Current Location |WolfVillainy, NS]
[mood |recumbentrecumbent]
[music |ooooh oh the guns of brixton]

...these would win WRESTLEMANIA by killing everyone with PURE ROCK & ROLL:



It's sad y'know, THE CLASH could have been as big as THE BEATLES if only they hadn't been so durn ugly/potentially uninterested in pursuing such a career. But, really, matching haircuts would have been all it would have taken.

Not that I'm really up on how THE CLASH figuired into the "British Invasion"...I do recall them playing some pretty big tours in America at one point.

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Addendum: I understand rap music like nobodies business and I write rap like nobodies business [Aug. 14th, 2009|10:13 pm]
Once upon a time, I thought that the rap band "Swollen Members" might be good since I kinda found their name funny, even though I had never really heard them. Boy was I ever wrong! Although I'll admit that it may not be THE WORST rap out there, maybe because it's CDN, in that it is THE WORST rap out there, but only the CDN version, and not the U.S. version which is actually THE WORST RAP EVER ANYWHERE; which is, I dunno, PUFF DADDY or something.

p.s. this special rap article is in honor of my good friend Nic "Voted least likely to become a rapper, due to his being, when I first met him, the nerdiest French kid ever and thus not a good candidate for rapper-hoodom/later did I realize being a nerdy French kid also meant getting to live a sweet life of teaching and reading comics in Montreal" Carrier, whom I accidentally left out of my recent bro-related roll call.
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oblique reference: plot vs. meaning [Aug. 14th, 2009|09:29 pm]
So, recap"

- I live in cottage country, since more people come to vacation here than do live here. There is a big ol' nice beach, literally about 15 minutes biking time from here.  I really only started to appreciate this recently. I mean it's not like like Fredericton is Toronto or anything (i.e. where all that surrounds you is filth and concrete, ha ha, jk/no really), but still, a nice beach from where I lived in Fredericton was easily as much as 35-45 minutes bike ride away (that 20-30 minutes is all the difference, really). Also, today I stopped to watch some farmers farm when I was out earlier...Farmers....farming (which,  I'll mention for the sake of any of you living in Toronto, ha ha,jk/no seriously, is done with machines now and is all very professional and not in anyway involves serfdom).

- I spent most of the day staring into a computer screen and thinking about transforming every-day, good and proper sentences that easily make sense into much more impressive ones that make less sense and are generally confusing.  This is called "writing a research paper".

- Yoga is a fine way to spend your time, if you are so inclined.

- I really do have lots of love for lj still - sure I check face book everyday, as I assume 90% of people do as well, even those who so much as wouldn't have used their real name on the internet a few years ago - since I assume other people actually pay attention to things that are said here (as unlike facebook).  Seann? Scott? Josef? MattR? Roll call my brothers. Ryan, I didn't put you there since I don't have a total sense of your lj reading tendencies despite your prolific entries (which, I still do my best to read and almost always enjoy, despite my envy of your wealth of knowledge and focus - but, really, I just could never drink that much).

- And, most important:

Dear Diary,
I have a girlfriend, her name is Marchell Coulombe, she lives in Wolfville because of school, so I moved too - it's the best thing evAR.  We are just super, super gay for one another.  And, yes I know gay is not a word to be used thusly, but fuck you, it's true; SUPER SUPER GAY.  We have a cat/child named Madoc Coulombe, she is cute and has a lovely little purr.


p.s. sometimes I like to channel a 13-year old girl, cool?
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I swear I wasn't googling myself (no, really!) [Jul. 13th, 2009|09:19 pm]
This will be of limited humour to a few, perhaps even only myself, and of no interest to most.

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Werd, Nerdz! [Jul. 12th, 2009|01:13 pm]
Buck 65: Synesthesia: Best or Greatest rap album to come out in 2002?

"Just trying to do my job people. just trying to do my job..."

Sadly, I find him a frustrating radio host.
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